1. Like attracts like. To attract what you want in the opposite sex, you have to become that which compliments those qualities.
  2. Desperation attracts chaos and disorder.
  3. The fault in one party will often attract them to someone with a similar fault.
  4. A person is the product of an environment. To get a sense of who a person is, look at their parents and their friends.
  5. Women ought to challenge men to do their best. It may seem lopsided, but the best relationships I have seen are where women challenge men early in the dating process.
  6. A man who lacks toughness and discipline will struggle to persevere.
  7. A man falls into bad relationships when he doesn’t look deeper than the exterior.
  8. Women and men fall into bad relationships when they overlook and excuse major character flaws in those whom they are dating.
  9. The best thing a person can do for someone who is immature or lacking virtue is to end the relationship. Many people do not learn virtue until they have suffered many rejections.
  10. One ought to fall in love with the person they marry, but they should also test their thoughts and feelings over time to make sure it is truly God’s will.