there is an oak tree yes all red in the shade
            yellow too in its tresses,           crisp and vibrant
            though the air seems still and silent
            but then a steady footstep,       crinkling with yes
            an early autumn witness along the path
there is an early spring bloom yes,
            all green in singing its being blessed
            in rich sunlight all yes in a blazing change
            that has rearranged the fossils of winter,
there is a yes that bears the bitter cold,
            A yes told to the whys of winter,         all maybe
                        in a stark bitter frozen yes
            a determined yes,
            determined less those lies that surround us
                        would consume the very flame
                        which has no name
                        but says yes in the dark cold night
there is a yes built nowhere,    unseen
            but yet something        a yes the believer seeks
            a yes the lover knows and reaps
            a yes greater than that which is known
            sown in silence                        yet not a yes of self-reliance
                        rather that which is expressed in a yes all yes
                        in fidelity and openness, a yes that gives rise to all other yes-es
                        by proclaiming yes I am yes.