Be at one and one thing thy own,
Not too many or much shall you condone,
On that the thing which shows its face,
Focus thy attention, in this find grace,

On one step before, set your mind,
And in the little, good things you shall find,
Learn simple and simple shall be,
A sweet sound, and a noble melody,

Intent shall be clear, and it shall lead,
Your heart will be set, to do and to deed,
Your works, will a strong shelter make,
That in them, your rest you will take,

O good man and good noble friend,
Proceed forth with thy eyes on the end,
Rest your gaze not, on the things below,
But on that, which in the heavens glows

Learn of the things of deathless kind,
Find mystery, O Beloved Divine,
Thoughts will dwell in realms supernal,
And dwell you shall, in the eternal.