Let us surrender to that timeless beauty
that lies just beyond the reach of human understanding,
Let us allow our hearts to be captivated by that eternity
which was revealed in time,
to draw human attention from the surface of reality
to the hidden dynamism of the Divine energy,

Let us build monuments to eternal beauty
that our children may stand in awe before the divine mysteries,
and their hearts might be stirred to imagine
the boundless possibilities of the Holy Spirit
that wonder may awaken in this generation
an army of saints,

that beauty may unleash in us an impetus
which compels us out to the margins of society,
a beauty that is purified by zealous poverty
and instead of our devotion turning us in ourselves
let us be drawn out into the world
to those who suffer in the shadows and captivity of sin,
who suffer the weight of injustice
and the anxiety of political, economic, and social turmoil,

let us proclaim a year of mercy and forgiveness,
a year of liberation,
not in order to overturn the imbalances of this world,
not that utopian sedative which may inspire revolution
but only leads to cycles of confusion and hatred,
in which the weapons used to overthrow injustices
only sow the seeds of future turmoil,

rather a revolution of tenderness,
a revolution of being completely available to the promptings of the Spirit,
a revolution of saints who dare to sacrifice everything

for the sake of timeless beauty

for it is only when hearts are able to rest,
that friendship is restored, division healed, enemies reconciled,
when society moves from a selfish pursuit of what is owed,
to a network of self-giving,
that we discover a truly beautiful society,
a beautiful society grounded in zealous poverty.