Friendship is a new creation,
ever young,                  a heart
that moves and is moved, that starts
at the beginning of things, sings
a newness,       startlingly bright, rings
in its golden splendor
and brilliant in the light
of a fresh perspective
Wonder,           shared and compared
a connection centered on virtue
in the middle of things, but also outside the average
ever shifting,                but not a haze
focused, a gaze,           a particular kind of knowledge
an extension
a thought exchanged in the meeting of friends
lacking pretension
and the anxious displays of power
friendship flowers in the exchange of devotion
friend, sturdy, near and familiar as a breath
dear to the heart, but yet a form of death
a dying, but a resurrection
the bond is constantly broken and renewed
            crying, tears, but mixed with joy
a cycle, but not an aimless wandering,
like playing with a toy
a purpose, but yet at the same time without the constraints
            of necessity
free, fruitful, gratuitous without demands, unconditional

yet at the same time requiring everything