I see the beloved’s face everywhere
the play and pattern of the day, it’s motion
            written a particular way in the fabric of leaves
its movement from particular into the freedom of unpredictable exchanges
how they dance in the wind,                circular like merry go rounds
and the trance of children,       possessed by play
I see my beloved in the meaningless things that babies say
their words are garbled and cooing,     their laughter soothing
I see my beloved there, and I stare
And truth be told, I don’t care what others whisper
As they watch my attention being spent at the graces sent
In moments which speak to me of love, and in which I repent
I see my beloved in the fresh breeze of a crisp winter morning
The ease of the fire,
            its flames sing like an alarm clock waking the air with praise
my beloved stays and rests among these places,
and having encountered them, my heart races
flutters a kind of quiet winter joy        silence, a dear friend and a toy,
I am in love                 deeply
and I reap a harvest, a bounty of pure bliss,
I am overcome and this is worth dying for.