Speak Lord, your servant is listening,

What do you feel called to say?


Lord, your servant longs to speak immortal beauty,

that bright shining glory, that timeless attraction

to speak fire,

nurtured and tended

to break down divisions,

that must be healed and mended

I want to speak a word of reconciliation, whereby

those who are far may be drawn near


and those who cannot listen

will long to hear

I want to speak your word like a burning ember

which takes possession of every member

of my body, your body, the body


voice and body united

and ignited with Divine love.


If you long for your words to be mine,

than you must enter into the dying,

your heart buried with mine,

your life penetrated with my death,

your voice speaking my dying breath,


so awaken the letting go, the daily rhythm

of being forgotten,

in which you lose everything


for the sake of everything,

and discover in being reduced to nothing


that you are a sovereign Lord of all

and that you are all

through being nothing,


Lord, sing to the rhythms of my heart

take possession of its patterns

and weave within them your sweet voice,


Desire is the first movement,

set in motion by the gravity of my love

teach my people the power of desire

talk of the bright portal, the gateway of Divine fire,

teach them to burn with sweet longing

and so to meet their thirst with my water,

and so to walk the path, by which hearts discover rest,

that gentle embrace of the blessed,

lead people to my heart through your heart,

my desire through your desire,

my love through your love,


I in you and you and me

forming delicate we’s by which

connections are formed,

that you reach out, as me and in me,

that you extend my invitation.