The question was posed is it arrogant to think that my religion or any religion is the one true faith. Underlying this question is the assumption that “faith” is a matter of subjectivity and is for the most part an opinion held by the individual.

However, if we put religious faith in the context of objective truth, then it would probably be helpful to make a set of further distinctions. If religious faith relates to the mind discovering objective truth by means of credible witnesses and objective data, then the question becomes is the individual’s perception of truth clear and are the sources credible. The can be said of any field of inquiry, such as math or empirical sciences.

In this regard, there are four possible permutations:

  1. A person can be said to be right and be arrogant.
  2. A person can be said to be wrong and be arrogant.
  3. A person can be said to be right and humble.
  4. A person can be said to be wrong and humble.

Thus, it seems reasonable to say that belief in one’s position as true is not the same thing as being arrogant or humble.

Likewise, due to the principle of noncontradiction, if something is true then something must necessarily be false. It likewise seems reasonable that a person should hold that what they believe is true is in fact the truth… if a person holds in question their understanding of what is true, it seems as though they doubt more than believe.