When I was a young man,
I heard a rumor of her beauty

I was in the company of the great sages of history
their conversation
deeper than mere pages or abstract concepts
but a love affair with truth, their principles not merely precepts
to be obeyed with a cold heart but a start to find her

sweet lady wisdom
whose look has intoxicated mystics
and one gaze has filled books
with outpourings of affection
her eyes are like gazing into the connections
that draw person to person taking little ole nothing me
bringing that island out of itself and forming we

O, how I longed to spend my spare time in her arms
to breath in deeply the fragrance of her calm
and to be transfigured by her charm
her gentle loving gazes
more fun and play than thousands of mazes
the avenues of our discussions
wandering with glee like whipee
said for the sheer joy of it.

I have loved Lady Wisdom for so long
that my song has begun to reek of her perfume
in a crowded room, she is my prize bride
that is gracious to all she meets
and she greets every age and time
like a patient sage who has the poet’s rhyme
she is as devout as praying
in both doing and saying
also in playing
and all done
with the familiarity of friendship

Let me rest forever within your arms sweet wisdom
one part a human thing
like a bird’s wing, that soars from ground to sky
from hellos to goodbyes
from lofty speech to simply sighs
you know all there is under the sun

but yet you are also Divine
more intoxicating than wine
you speak of mysteries buried in the middle
of exchanges
the paradoxes of reality that changes
my limited to perception,
and opens it to the all in all
the places beyond time and fall
the unities that call from the center of things.

O lady wisdom
dear lover and dear friend
O bountiful beginning and delightful end
forever and ever after
like spring freshness and children’s laughter.