Let my soul rest in its destination
          O garden of delights in which my best
          shines forth like a bright star
          or stands clear as an opaque moon
          amidst the darkness of midnight
Soon is my departure
          for the foreign land of paradise
          that I wish to make it sovereign of my now
          that my how might contain that great joy
          and not bow to the greedy drought
                                      of sensual pleasure,
          the needy doubt of an angry world in love
          with the empty promises of moments
          chained to the disguise of gluttony’s illusions
          that devises gods of things
And wears its religion like a ring
          discarded at the door of a new sensation
          that life is just a traveling from station to station
And death is but a final stop
          that wherever one might drop
                             is somehow sacred,
O sweet heaven,
          what joy that my soul will be fed by your leaven
          and the conflict of a wounded heart
          will melt into unity
          and the law will blossom into beauty,
Compulsion will bow to surrender
          and constraint will be conquered by forever
O my beloved, your love will be a window
          through which my ignorance
          that barely perceives what is below,
          will conceive of great distances
          and reconcile extreme separations.
O my beloved, your love will be a mirror
          through which my heart shall see
          and witness itself disrobed of sin’s error
          wearing instead the grace of to be
          and to grasp at your sacred divinity,
O my beloved, let your kingdom come!