You say the system is against you, that you face oppression. Consider this, your life in this world is but a moment. You have few chances to form meaningful relationships. You have a few opportunities to carve a niche for yourself, and it takes great effort to have a meaningful impact on those around you.
Your life will last but a moment and then you will face judgment, and you will be asked by our Lord, “What do you do with the grace I gave you? Did you do something beautiful and noble? Did you do something awe inspiring that changed lives?”
Few people live well. Few are able to give like our Lord gave…. and you spend so much of your time complaining!
Many will surround you and offer false comfort for the many injustices you face, and if you listen to their voices, you will find rest for but a moment. Then, you will return to your home, and your sins and your bad habits and your challenges will remain. Where are the comforters when you must face your demons? They will all abandon you, but you will still have to live.
You can spend your life believing you are a victim and lamenting the corruption in this world, or you can cast such things aside and seek to truly live. Many will spend their time analyzing why they could do nothing of value, but few will actually do something with their life.
Do you desire to be of service? To be wise? To be source of strength for those around you? Then commit yourself to the life of virtue and forget the cares that sabotage your striving.