O Glorious Lord
          let thy holy resistance be adored
How led by spirit into the desert sands
          that in your plans
          stands revealed the primary battle
          against the one true enemy
          whose defeat always lies preordained
Though in Adam’s stain,
          Satan’s illusion casts a shadow
          over paradise’s meadow
But fault has proved a clever device
          for salvation
          and you have transformed guilt
          into forgiveness built of penance
          that the first death is no menace
          to anything but the ego
We go where you show
                   by example
          like taking a sample
          of perfection in your holy meal
The fire lies concealed in bread
          like your victory lies unseen
          in deserts pregnant with meaning
And in leaning on your staff
          I climb like a raft
          led by the ocean crest
          to lick the sky
And though I remain dry
          my body is enveloped
          like Exodus sands
           where God’s plan developed
          and the leaven fell like dust,
          so I, transformed by a glorious trust,