O Mighty One whose word swords shadows,

O Glorious Cross whose nailed victory was preordained,
And written to the wood, O blessed meadow,
In which my being shall be forever contained,
Sweet longing, sweet unity, sweet melting, sweet beloved

So why do you mourn, O grace’s nest?
Do you not see the greedy horizon embracing defeat?
As every minute must succeed its throne to the next,
So we race towards a victory that we daily meet
Our precious daily, precious giving, precious receiving, precious bread

O Holy One in whose heart there is no division,
O Immortal One in whose embrace there is no end,
Within your command, my sins remain in remission,
And my image shines forth, with angels for friends,
Victorious surrender, victorious desert, victorious strife
Victorious forever,
O my lover, victorious life!