Youth: I want to live well, like a bull
            charging into the moment, the electricity of motion
            I want to live                like fire, contagious
Sage: it all comes back to fundamental questions
            Freedom is found in asking, seeking the meanings
            that populate the heart, direct the will, guide the emotions
            it is about what you love and how you love it
            and happiness
            rarely asked, even rarer is it pondered
            people learn much about numbers
            and words, but little about the hidden language
            of the heart
Youth: I question question, I speak a challenge to authority
            I say that was has come before must give way
            To what is to come, I say change
Sage: you seek partially well
            and partially a path to pain and confusion, there is a wisdom in questioning
            among the Spaniards, there is a habit of putting
            the mark before the sentence
            upside down as if to suggest
            one should enter into the words
            with an expectation
            this expectation is a deep desire
            the longing for the all, the urge towards union
            look at the desire, see the longing of the heart
            note its hunger
Youth: But I don’t want to hunger, I want to be satisfied
Sage: The heart that has learned about its hunger finds satisfaction.
            It rests
                   in its consistent longing.