Lord, speak to me of desire,

You must desire to be a saint,
the heart that does not reach for the summits
never takes the first step on the journey,

the main fault of most believers
is not that they fail to do, but that their doing
is always tinged with the flavor of mediocrity
that they accomplish a thousand little distractions
all with a half-hearted sense of obligation
without ever falling in love,
without ever being consumed by desire,

Lord, but so often my desires betray me,
I strive to be a saint, but this striving seems a source
of great anxieties, this quest never allows me to rest,
I am always seeking more,

Again, the problem is not with your doing,
but with your desiring,
you desire to be a saint, but this remains your desire,
your desire must be transformed into my desire,

your desire is a plan, an ideal that you enforce in the moment,
an idea that prevents you from experiencing the fullness
of each second, the explosive potential that lurks within the details
of the daily encounter,

my desire is an immediate reality, that within my desire
you taste the fullness of your quest so often as you learn to turn to me,
so often as you let your desire conform to my desire,
instead of simply mimicking it,
my desire is that your holiness is a gift
that you must learn to receive moment by moment,

Teach me your desire.

Now you have learned the art of prayer.