When I talk to people, I find that defeating sin and accepting Christ’s love involves a lot more than simply prayer and meditation. While personal prayer and the sacraments are the foundation for our relationship with Jesus Christ, the reality is that our on-going conformity to the grace of God takes place within a network of activities and relationships.

No one factor alone is sufficient for our full flourishing in Jesus Christ. In fact, to separate the different parts of human existence from each other involves an intellectual violence that may appear reasonable, but is ultimately an illusion that keeps us from being saints.

What do I mean by this? Simply put, all the different aspects of our life are interconnected. We cannot divorce devotion from our daily living. The aspects of my workplace are tied to my time before the Lord in prayer. Likewise, habits such as exercise and recreation are not simply side pursuits that have nothing to do with my spirituality.

That is why I am going to continue to promote meditation within the context of a holistic spirituality that focuses on “the art of living well.”

Within this context, I will to continue to draw upon the wisdom of the Catholic tradition to create articles and videos that help us to discern what it means to be a saint in a world of smart-phones and  movies. The Desert Fathers, the Western Monastic tradition, and the whole gamut of Catholic spiritual writing must be translated into ways of speaking and understanding that relate to our current situation.

However, as any translator will tell, there is always a difference between the original and its transmission. Our connection with the past is not in slaving over the details of language and concepts, but comes through the concrete communion formed through the Church. The proper way to interpret the saints is to be a saint and to learn from living saints.

There is no other way. The science of saints is not simply an academic pursuit, but only can be properly understood when it is grounded in a holy rhythm of life.

That is why above all else, I want my work to inspire you to live better.
Come, let us be on our way!