To judge wisely, learn to not judge,
To not judge, learn to be patient with your judgements,
For they arise almost by instinct and cloud our vision,
Seek not to judge nor to not judge,
When judgments come, great them at the door
Listen to them for a moment
and then bury them under a cloud of forgetting,
Do all in a spirit of stillness,
always going back to that encounter with Christ,

To understand and have knowledge,
seek to bury all your knowledge and understanding
under the cloud of forgetting,
Seek not knowledge nor ignorance,
Be afraid of neither knowing nor unknowing,
but accept both with a gentle, still heart,
So that in the midst of both,
you will walk in freedom
and discover God’s will,

In all things, seek not to desire nor to not desire,
but cultivate the freedom of unconditional love,
Renounce all so that you can possess all;
Renounce self so that you can possess self,

Cling to God’s word and the authority he has given to his Church,
Be constant in obedience,
For when there is not harmony between you and his Church,
you are wrong,
For even should the Church appear wrong,
in the midst of this confusion is the path to Christ,
In this we learn to prefer the will of the Father above all else,

The goal is not to suffer nor to avoid suffering,
The Cross and the Resurrection dance in the lives his saints,
The path of holiness is to embrace each in its turn,
and in both to possess the freedom to love;
to participate in Christ’s love,
that gift of the Holy Spirit which must be received with humility,

To prepare for this gift,
seek to walk the path of unknowing,
the vigilant path of burying everything under a cloud of forgetting,
constantly renouncing the limitations of our perceptions,
so that we can take on the limitless vision of Christ,

To practice the habit of continual conversion,
seeking the Father’s will above all else.