she is seen, the man lends his eyes
to a gaze in which she is known,
having grown on romance, his heart longs
like the stirring of the rhythms in the song,
the man moves and is moved,
she returns the look, and in her face and expression
she writes a book that describes expectation,
she is a nation yearning for the beloved,
possibilities turning deep within her thoughts
what ought to be done and what is to be avoided,
                                                and now he approaches,
the dance begins,
they move having formed a we
and now what was possible has come to be,
he leads, she follows, but then in the exchange
things seem rearranged, he knows not what is happening
solely that they dance, like a trance in which
two voices sing in harmony,
revealing a unity deeper than words,
yet it is like the complexity of a voice heard
            that expresses the whole person
they are something new, somehow
here and not here, there but yet nowhere
he has forgotten the work of the day, he doesn’t worry
about what to say, and she likewise knows not the hour
having been delivered through the dance’s power,
they explore     they wander for no reason       they dance
this union is no mere chance               they have stepped into an embrace
so that they can dance
the romance of an interior silence
in which mind and body
moves united to the other and so finds harmony
in the exchange with the beloved.
they dance.