We move so often from activity to activity, from life event to life event, that often we fail to ask the most fundamental of questions. In particular, we fail to understand the reasons why we do the things we do…

We fail to ask, “What do I seek?”

I want to introduce you to the answer of the mystics because I believe that all people are called to be such. The saints of old taught that there is a path of transformation and intimacy with Jesus Christ which ends in a whole new mode of existence.

We slowly must move from visible to invisible realities; we must move from earthly ways of thinking and learn to embrace the work of the Holy Spirit. This pathway involves us denying ourselves and learning to curb the disorders of our fallen human nature.

As we walk this path into the unknown, slowly a fire will emerge from within us. We will shed our attachments to sin, fear, and anxiety then learn to be renewed by God’s grace from within. Our hearts will be lifted and we will begin to experience a profound rest that the tradition calls “infused contemplation.”

A gentle, wordless, imageless presence will begin to take hold of our hearts instead of miraculous visions or dramatic voices. This presence will teach us to love because it is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

So I ask you again, “What do you seek? Do you seek contemplation? Do seek to love Jesus Christ with complete abandonment?”

If you desire to discover peace then I tell you there is no other way.