When the veil on this world is definitively drawn back, we will discover that the most important thing we did was to pray.

In heaven, we will see things as they truly are. Instead of our vision being clouded by the disorders of the heart and the illusions which keep humanity bound in cycles of violence, we will learn to see as Christ sees. Then we will discover that prayer was the secret force that was central all along.

In light of current events, I can’t say this enough. Prayer is primary. Prayer fixes all things. The problem is not that people pray too much. The problem is that people do not pray enough, and for many, sadly, their prayer is just another illusion that fuels the tragedy of our fallen human nature.

The problem is that we have not learned how to truly pray.

To learn how to pray, we must understand that call of Jesus Christ that is the same in every time and place. Repent and believe.

Instead of blaming. We must repent.
Instead of casting stones. We must repent.
Instead of judging. We must repent.
Instead of giving into the voices of condemnation, despair, anxiety, and fears, we must repent.
Instead of trying to solve all the world’s problems. We must repent.

And after we have repented. We must embrace Jesus Christ. This is what it means to pray.
The world doesn’t need more solutions, it needs more saints. The world needs more people who know what it means to truly pray.

And then, when we have prayed, we must share the fruits of our prayer with our brothers and sisters. The science of the saints teaches that when we reach out to those who are suffering and to those who are hurting, we are called to walk with them in a spirit of tenderness, understanding, and unconditional love. Instead of trying to solve their problems, we are called to simply accompany them and, if appropriate, pray with them…

…the world has suffered to long from that spirit of frenetic activism that tells humanity that it can solve all of its problems without God.