My good friend, though our company is sweet
and our conversation allows us to peer into the divine mysteries,
yet we must always set before our attention
the limitations of our language,
how even with careful attention and precision,
our tongues limp in their attempts
to express this love which burns in our hearts,
Nonetheless, let us set out to explore the mystery
by means of approximations
so that we might grow in understanding,

let us explore so as to discover
the spark of reason which animates all things from within
and yet is beyond,
the divine presence, by which we must learn to walk and conform
our rhythms,
the Son incarnate, taking flesh in our innermost thoughts,
the gift of infused contemplation, which elevates and transfigures the mind,

let us seek to penetrate
that encounter with the metaphysical ground of all reality
the act of being, no longer hidden but revealed in that unveiled vision,
that ancient of days, who formed us from the void,
that intimacy and communion, formed from the side of the Savior,
shining forth in the Resurrection,

let us plumb the depths of this encounter
so as to be animated by the Divine logos which enlightens all human wisdom,
so as to call on the ineffable Creator by name,
and thus to be brought into relationship with the divine mysteries,
so as to be brought into contact with the Son through whom we have access to the Father
and in whom we come to possess the indwelling of the Holy Spirit,
so as to be animated by the Divine energy,

let us recognize that we seek
the true Gnosis of the Spirit,
the Christ-nature which is conferred by Baptism,
theosis, divinization, sanctification,
communion with the Father in the Son through the Holy Spirit
our entrance into the eternal exchange of the three person of the Trinity,

we seek
the experience of unconditional love,
the foreshadowing of the glories of heaven,
the fulfillment of our humanity in Christ,
our flourishing in Christ,

we seek
the convergence of the human and divine will,
perfected in Christ, fulfilled in his Church and the lives of his saints,
the synergy of the human and divine energies,
perfected in Christ, fulfilled in his Church and in the lives of his saints,
our cooperation with the workings of grace,
perfected in Christ, fulfilled in his Church and in the lives of his saints,

That is why we must cultivate
purity of heart, so that we might dispose ourselves to see God,
stillness of mind, body, and spirit,
so that we might be available to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit,
interior freedom, so that we might not be chained and tethered
by the ruminations of the false-self,
perfect contrition, so that we might renounce everything that keeps us from Christ,

Now, my good friend,
let us go forth from this place with courage and zeal,
let us embrace the wilderness of the heart,
let us practice the art of spiritual warfare,
let us delight in the solitude of the heart,
and let us seek the Beloved, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.