In the calm whispers of the evening,
in the quiet shades
in which pregnant silences
speak about infinities which lie just beyond the grasp
of human perception,
Let us allow our hearts to dream,
to dare greatness by stirring profound desires,
Let us be so bold as to prophecy,
Not so much about future events,
but let us allow our vision to turn towards that love
which animates the motions of the universe
and is the secret gravity which brings together
times and spaces,
secretly informing the most courageous of human ambition
and the most humble designs of tender devotion,

Let us speak words in the Spirit,
and know that in each generation,
the Lord seeks a renewal of heart and mind,
a revolution of gentleness
a magnanimous age in which saints capture the imagination,
and schools of intimacy form vast networks of mercy and forgiveness,

a generation ruled not by the chaos of unchecked human drives,
but rather a people governed by the pure fire of Divine love
which is the prize of training and discipline,
an age in which great men and women are not afraid of suffering,
but fear only to lose
that spark of divine creativity, without which the heart falls into forgetfulness,

a generation whose hearts have been set free from the thorns and weeds
of worldly anxiety and the endless pursuit of pleasure,
who gaze upon creation with wonder,
and who gaze upon the human person
with wonder
and who gaze upon the present in all its mystery
with wonder,

a generation of poets and philosophers
who reflect upon the profound questions of life
with great desire,
who search the deep things of life
with great desire,
who seek a wisdom not found merely in information
with great desire

a generation of deep wonder,
a generation of great desire,
all formed by Christ, in Christ, and through Christ,

Let us prophecy that this our vocation in Christ,
My friends, let us respond to this constant call to conversion,
This must be our singular focus and our untiring ambition,
This must be our waking and our sleeping,
our preparation and our fulfillment,
We must allow the Holy Spirit to awaken in us
a new generation of saints.