O little man, who builds the walls

of the castle,
but fails to craft all that lies within,
O beautiful man begin
by letting God perfect the nature you were given,

First, let your heart be opened
by the songs of angels,
that salvation starts with your love
that carries you above
even the most mundane
of circumstances

Then learn the things of reason,
Give one season to the heart
and one to the mind,
Be not blind in your devotion

And the man whose chief concern is to build his inner garden,
is clear in his concepts,
He earns an attentive ear
when he begins by what is near and present
to his listener,

A well ordered mind is a rose within a man’s house,
and clear concepts are the water,
From the ocean to the soil
and below the earth,
the roots of thinking toil
by judging the propositions of the mind,

That it is good to commit one’s intention
to the terrestrial gifts of man
and by submitting the mind to labor
learn the craft of thinking which the heart savors,

Because faith builds the house,
but the mind is the sword
that keeps it safe on all sides from the doubt
that divides the soul from the Beloved,

And when the garden’s fruit
gives forth the fragrance of truth,
the conclusions of man will give youth
to his struggles,
that he labors not in vain
when his garden contains the beauty
of his contemplation.