Meter: 86:86
Tune: Saint Anne

O Mother with such tender love
As perfect as our Lord,
With tears and joy I sing to you,
Your Son always adored,

O how he grew within your arms,
Like castles keep at bay,
Foe and rebel cannot destroy,
Your humble gentle way,

Your loving prayers are like a sword,
that the saints wield for peace,
the Queen’s petition at the throne,
wins poor sinners release,

O Mother now hold all my cares,
to you my sorrows give,
that through your Son and by his grace,
I truly am and live,

I attest to spend all my days,
and every waking hour,
as close to Jesus as he was,
a babe within your power,

As he loved you, so I do too,
and obey every word,
that your voice contains more sweetness
than all things of the world.