O joyful desert
     O glorious hurt
ablazing and engraving
     my sin with Love
And tender fire of salvation
     won not earned
     my body most blessed urn
     housing my longing
     sweet hunger songing
     every atom belonging
     closer to the purpose
     by which Adam’s curse is
     removed like stitches
     and heavenly riches
Exposed in blood
     O tender flood
     O beautiful burden
     which is the weight of the word
O Resurrection day,
     please show me the way
     towards bright morning glow
     and tender flow
     of where the heart will go
     when unrestrained from passion’s flame
And although the day remains
     the same,
     somehow different
    as if sent from on high
    fears and sorrows pass by
    in fasting,
Everlasting ever after
      a hunger for the hereafter,
      under starful rafter
      altar of sky
      and sweet goodbyes
The world’s shadow
      no longer my halo
      I dressed myself in the vestments
      of purity
      the surety of the quiet
      far from the riot
     of lust’s mutiny
     and evil’s judgeful scrutiny
O blessed unity
     O glorious trinity
     revealed in need
     which is the blessed seed
     of a sacramental meal
    the angel’s seal
    and the Eucharistic zeal
This is why I go into the desert,
     to sing the triumphant spear
     which pierces me near
     to the point of death
     and in a breath, heals.