1)    To desire nothing but God, and even then to be content that by faith one possesses His divine life.
2)    To seek nothing incredible in prayer. Neither insight nor lack of insight. Neither discursive meditation nor non-discursive meditation. Do not seek contemplation, but also do not be unreceptive to contemplation. Above all, be docile.
3)     In being docile, praying as one feels called to pray in the moment.
4)    Going where the heart leads one, whether it is painful or not. Letting the silence draw out the prayer, and then having the courage to lead where the Holy Spirit is guiding.
5)    Playing in prayer, trying and exploring different ways of prayer. Sometimes focusing on the breath, sometimes letting the mind wander, sometimes concentrating. Maybe you want to use your imagination, go ahead. If you want to sing a song (and it does not disrupt anyone else) sing a song, or at least let the sounds and words sing in your heart. If you simply want to rest and do nothing, rest and do nothing. Do not make categories about prayer and try to rank your prayer. Be who you are and go wherever the Spirit leads.
6)    Not putting on appearances in prayer, not trying to be pious and holy. Often we approach prayer trying to appear before God as something we are not. The key is to be completely who you are in the moment. Letting everything out into the open in prayer before God. Giving God your temptations, your faults, your fears, your strengths, your virtues, your hope, everything and anything.
7)    One must give up the desire to pray well. Instead, surrender to how you are praying in the moment. The key is to give the time for prayer. Make the time and let everything else work itself out in time.
8)    Pray with what you are feeling in the moment, and then be thankful for whatever you are feeling in the moment. If angry, tell the Lord. If you are burning with lust, admit it to the Lord (and do not try to dress it up). Pray with honesty.
9)    Practice gratitude. Thank the Lord constantly for everything (even the things you are not thankful for).