I have lost my language, the words are there,
but now I have entered a land so foreign to all
that has come before, my heart longs to return
to the comfortable pastures,

goodness, truth, and beauty can only be understood
by entering into the drama of silence,
the interior landscape that is visited by language
as a kind of approximation,
or better yet a photo which faithfully captures
aspects of the dynamism of the moment,
but in reality is greatly divorced from the full force
of the experience,

you learn goodness through communion
whereby your will is united to its inner dynamism,
the whole weight of the present
places its mark upon who you are,
surrender to this gravity,

and truth is that confrontation with the moment,
that ineffable discovery of the all in all,
around which constellations of meaning orbit,
and lesser truths draw their vitality,
and explode into the ability to know and understand,

and beauty is how presence grips your heart,
and won’t let you go because she has seduced you
with her infinite symphonies,

Lord, teach me how to live in this moment,
let me walk the path of goodness, truth, and beauty,