For holiness to be authentic, it must not be grounded in our individual and isolated effort, as if the perfection of the human person is a natural end which we are able to achieve unaided. Rather, the true flourishing of the human person is nothing short of the convergence of the individual’s will with that of the Divine will; the communion between creature and creator in which the creature is transfigured by the light of God’s glory.

In this way, today’s feast of the Transfiguration is not only a feast that celebrates the revelation of God’s glory, but also a celebration of the glory for which the human person is destined in and through Christ. We are called to become like Christ and to share in his relationship with Father. We are called to become icons of his unconditional love for the world through a continuous habit of conversion and a constant invitation which allows the Holy Spirit to guide and inform our activity.

We are called to ceaseless prayer; a prayer without limits; a constant walking in the presence of the Lord in which our every breath becomes revelatory of God’s infinite love and tender mercy. In this way, our continuous and on-going communion must integrate all aspects of human interiority into one ceaseless opening to the Holy Spirit. Whether we are resting in the Lord and walking the path of unknowing, or we are reflecting on our experience and the mysteries of God, every aspect of human existence contains the explosive potential of being a conduit for the light of Mt. Tabor.

This light is the love of God and the incredible bounty of his kingdom. Those who discover this light shining in the darkness and confusion of this world have discovered the pearl of great price. They have learned that within the apparent desperation of the Cross lies the power and victory of the Resurrection. They allow themselves to die constantly with Christ so as to rise with him in one on-going path of growth and spiritual maturation.

To discover the light of Mt. Tabor, we must give time for daily unscripted time. We must give  space for the spontaneity of the Holy Spirit to take hold in our life. If we are persistent in filling our lives with a never-ending stream of words and activity, as holy as such activity may appear, we will never make time for the Holy Spirit to purify our hearts so that we can discover the fire of God’s love burning below the surface of our awareness. Today, let us make time to discover, to explore, to dare and to dream.